“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

Almost all standard responses you get from Trump supporters when you criticize their idol are cloaked in whataboutisms. So, for example, when you mention the lies that Trump told (and continues to spread), you get an immediate response of “You don’t think that Biden lies?” as if there’s an equivalence – as if both of these men are in the same area code for lying when nothing could be further from the truth.

Trump’s lies and lapses in morality are now coming to light since the orange abomination left office. Members of the military say that Trump was a clear danger to the republic. This crazy narcissist suggested executing people who leaked stories to the press or shooting protesters in the legs. Comparing Trump’s lies and behaviors to past presidents (republican or democrat) is like comparing the flames in my backyard fire pit to the wildfires raging across the midwestern U.S. — they’re both fires, but. . . .

The 2016 election was not that long ago; those of us without dementia remember the aftermath.

Were there claims of election fraud? Yes.

After her loss, did Hillary Clinton go on for month after month after month about a stolen election? No.

Do you remember a constant, never-ending push of lies about Hillary being the real president-elect? No.

Do you remember Hillary riling up her base, inspiring and praising a traitorous assault on the capitol to try and stop the election from being certified? No.

The false equivalence that Trump supporters employ is stunning, but what’s even crazier is the total disregard of their own senses and experiences. Like me, they lived through 2016 – was that post-election experience anything like what we see now? No, it was not. And how do we know the situations were different? Because we observed, experienced, and lived through both.

I saw Fox news show a montage of Dems claiming the 2016 election was rigged, suggesting that what Trump did (and continues to do) is no different than what Dems did in 2016. The strategy behind these types of videos is not to inform viewers but rather manipulate them into believing the claims made by democrats back in 2016 were frenzied and constant, that they had a velocity and critical mass and are no different than what Trump is engaged in.

But anyone who lived through 2016 knows that’s not the case at all.

There was no massive push to overturn the elections or fake ass “fraudit” of the vote conducted by partisan and conspiracy-addled companies.

From Orwell’s famous novel 1984, “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

When Fox News tells you the claims of election fraud by democrats in 2016 mirror what’s happening today, or when republican congressmen and senators tell you January 6th was just a regular tourist event, they’re telling you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. Don’t do it.


  1. Chris rink says:

    You are the same as the people you hate, only you have a different party name.


    1. gsrbtn says:

      I don’t hate anyone. Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.


  2. TRUMP WON 2020 says:

    you’re definitely full of hate. this is no more than a jaded opinion piece and the writing is no better than libel or slander. you repeat childishly *trump lies* *trump lies* multiple times and then make a comment that some unnamed (unnamed here, anyways) military personnel said something. That’s the problem: Americans aren’t doing the he said she said anymore, CAUSE ITS BEEN A DECADE OF LIES FROM YOU SATANISTS (yes, your sum total of behavior, tribalism, lie propogating, and loyalties, do indeed, and easily too, quality you all as satanists.)
    Hillary Clinton put this country through 5+ (still going!) years of lies. Yes, patently, it was her. The facts are out finally which is conveniently (for you China-owned ces) and always inevitably a consistent factor in how you democrats run your lies, you say it until you’re blue in the face like an emotional mantra-repeating religious slave until patently proven wrong, which in a two-tiered stratisfied justice system makes a Republic-appreciating American wait and wait and wait for Justice and Truth. That waiting for or denying of Justice is wholly un-American. Dossier was Clinton’s to begin with! This is worth saying because SHE CHEATED IN 2016. Just not by enough. YOU are the cheaters, which is why the news reports fake crap in the same style as this childish op ed, just claims and repitition, what is it with democrats that makes you think repeating crap makes it more believable.
    You also just brush off treason in your opinion piece to a laxidaisical and capricious extreme. Traitors do deserve to hang, it’s lawful its legal its rightful and its moral, yes it is. You don’t allow subtrafuge from within, it causes much more death than if the perps took Capital. And that’s exactly what is going on, and it will end with no leftist utopia, dumbass. This fake crap you constantly live by, like religious mantra, enabled mostly by your fake news Kazarian/central banking lords (whether you even know they’re your leftist lords or not), is how the mess has gotten this far.
    And you’re majorly stupid for regurgitating the same spoon-fed uninarrative they dish on MSDNC or CNN (or pick your propaganda smut-channel – Thanks Barry Hussein Sotaro for deleting our propaganda protections in 2012). The lie of the century will not be forgotten. and it will be rightfully lawfully legally and morally avenged, regardless of how many institutes are China-black mailed or China-bought. Wake (not Woke) the F up!


    1. gsrbtn says:

      Thanks for reading my blog. Have a blessed day.


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