About Bending The Needle

Bending the needle is a blog on being

  • Being a father
  • Being a husband
  • Being a technical writer
  • Being a global citizen

I started this blog shortly after being discharged from MA general hospital for a cardiac event – the second such event in my 49 years of being.

That experience got me thinking (with a greater sense of urgency) about my mortality. Fairly soon after we begin life, we learn we’re mortal beings. We’ll be for a while, and then we won’t.

Health-scares remind us that life can be fleeting, and for me, that reminder drove me to writing.

For me, writing is an affirmation of being. It provides a sense (albeit a false sense) of immutability in the face of mortality.

       “These are my thoughts and my observations, and when I publish them, I will continue to be, even after I no longer am.”

It’s a bit desperate and self-serving when you think of it.

This blog is not meant to be preachy (though you might argue that point after reading some of my posts about politics and president Trump). These are simply my observations, made through being.

I hope the blog makes readers laugh, and think, and wonder.


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