The end is NOT near


I had a dream where I saw a stone-faced man, steadfastly standing on a busy street corner, head and shoulders above a dreamy river of blended polyester suits, silk ties, and leather brief cases, holding above his head a cardboard sign informing the masses that “The end is NOT Near”

Some might see optimism in this dream, where the stone-faced man’s epistle serves as a sunny counterbalance to “The end is near” message that we’ve all learned to ignore because, let’s face it, that message has been proven false, time-and-time again.

But to me, the message from the stone-faced man in my dream rang true almost immediately, and not in a good way. I saw it as a reminder that the big issues that plague our planet seemingly go on forever; the fighting in the Middle East, the disparity between rich and poor, the war on drugs, the war on terror, climate change discussions – none of these things ever seem to end, making a prophet of the stone-faced man.

It leaves me hollow that our biggest problems, the ones we need to resolve in order to propel humanity forward, remain perpetually ensconced in our lives.

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