The Orange Snollygoster


Worse than the Green Grinch

who bamboozled Whoville

the Orange Snollygoster hates


Unlike the Green Grinch

who sled in the snow

his ego is endless

and his heart doesn’t grow

Apathetic and petty

his mouth always shootin

a brain like spaghetti

a puppet of Putin

In need of a fixer

for his damn nasty deeds

he drinks an elixir

of hatred and greed

he lies so often

he broke the fact checker!

he’s a crook and a pig

in love with his Pecker

The Orange Snollygoster

lines his own pockets

he cuts down the trees

and fires off rockets

peddling fear for political gain

the Orange Snollygoster

should be held in disdain

But for some, he’s savior

a call to the past

when white was a rite

in a system of caste

they latch on to fear

like a babe to a breast

strut in red hats

and pound on their chest

We need to resist

the Orange Snollygoster

a fraud and a cheat

a presidential impostor

we need to fight against

this historic disaster

vote American values

and become our own master

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