Down rabbit hole we go


Welcome to Stupidville

Next stop, Devastation town

I’m Donald, your conductor

I moved on her, I tried to fuck her

Now Americas’ my biggest sucker

Dr. Deb toes-the-line

she disregards the asinine

Hides her frown

and coddles the clown

He wears her complicity like a crown

It’s just hunch I had at lunch

A Lysol-laced epiphany, A moron-led symphony

A crappy dog and pony show

and down the rabbit hole we go

There’s no respites from test kits

and the mask discussion has no end

All the wrong decisions

that got us here

become impossible to defend

“Suppose we hit the body

with a powerful light?”

It never fails

we’re off the rails

the string detaches

from the kite

As we flail and wail

into the night

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