What if . . .

What if on election eve 2016, after all the networks and news outlets declared Donald Trump the winner of the Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton takes to a podium and in front of a large crowd of supporters says that the election was rigged. That there was rampant voter fraud, and in actuality, she won not only the popular vote, but the electoral college as well. She goes on to say that Americans are going to lose their country if Donald Trump is allowed to steal this election and that Americans must fight with all their energy to “Stop the Steal!”

For more than 40 days after the election, Hillary Clinton still refuses to concede and she takes her claims of a rigged election and massive voter fraud to the courts. She goes on TV nightly, takes to twitter nearly every single day, pushing her case that the election was rigged, that she actually won, that the Donald Trump will ruin America.

She files more than 60 lawsuits claiming voter fraud and voting machine irregularities — all 60 lawsuits are defeated resoundingly, some are argued all the way to the Supreme Court, where all 9 justices disagree with her legal team’s claim.

But Hillary is not deterred. She continues to hammer into her supporters that they are being conned, that the election is being stolen right in front of their eyes, that this is the biggest fraud in the history of our country and that they cannot allow it to happen.

The states certify the results of the election and now all that remains to officially seal the deal for a Trump presidency is for congress to certify the electors. Traditionally, this is a perfunctory process — a counting of the electors that takes the members of Congress about 30 minutes.

But Hillary still has her staunch supporters in Congress who are promising to contest the certification process on January 6th in an effort to overturn the election.

Meanwhile, through social media, Clinton supporters have been planning a massive rally outside the Capital to protest the certification process and to Stop the Steal. Thousands of people show up on January 6th, carrying Clinton Flags, many donned in military garb, all of them shouting “Stop the Steal, Stop the Steal, Stop the Steal!”

Hillary has set up a stage, a PA system, and a podium. She steps up to the stage with her close friend Barack Obama and they launch into a speech, claiming over and over again that the election was stolen, that Trump will ruin America, that they must fight for the country, that they must march to the capital and stop this assault on democracy!

The crowd heads to the Capital building, full of rage and anger, and they launch an assault on the building, beating law enforcement with Clinton flags and American flags, looting offices, destroying property, breaching the chambers of the house in an effort to take Trump supporters hostage, they murder a police officer in the process.

Hillary and Barack Obama are seen on video watching the assault approvingly, the President fails to call in the National Guard, fails to try and quell the uprising. Help finally arrives at the behest of congressional members and the VP, all of whom were hiding in fear from the mob.

Congress goes back to work later that evening to complete the process of certifying the vote in the final step of a constitutional process for “peacefully” transitioning power to a new President. Even though several representatives who are staunch Clinton supporters refuse to vote for the certification, most do, and the election results are finally official, Donald Trump will be President.

Meanwhile, Hillary still claims the election was rigged, she praises the people who participated in the uprising, telling them how wonderful they are and that she loves them.


How would Trump supporters have reacted?

I contend that even if Hillary Clinton had decided to go down that crazy path, that after all 60 lawsuits were thrown out, her supporters would have said that was enough for them.

She would not have been able to whip her supporters into a frenzy with blatant lies and conspiracy theories — because most of her supporters don’t believe in the unbelievable — most would have looked at the information and data themselves and would have come to the conclusion that she did in fact lose the election and that that Donald Trump was indeed the winner.

Unfortunately, Trump supporters believe whatever Trump tells them. They refuse to think for themselves. They are part of a cult of personality, where whatever the leader says is true, even when what he says is clearly contradicted by the facts. And we will be dealing with that dangerous phenomena for decades to come.

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