The Hum of the Drone

Bucha and Kiev get blasted by rockets

Widows and orphans – dead soldiers in lockets

Cruise missiles fall From Ukrainian skies

Putin’s foul mouth spewing nothing but lies

Train station platforms with panicked civilians

War crimes and weapons, with aid in the billions

Switchblades and Javelins seek tanks with their eyes

Dead Russian generals provide food for the flies

Thrust on the world stage

An actor turns hero

Europe is burning

as Putin plays Nero

Nuclear sabers, they rattle and clang

The world anxiously waits

for that one final bang

The EU and NATO Fight Russian aggression

While Russian civilians live under suppression

Doomsday on doorsteps, a knock at the door

Mankind is dead on the living room floor

Sunflower seeds in dead soldiers’ pockets

White teeming maggots in bloody eye sockets

Children lie dead under rubble and stone

To the flutter of birds and the hum of the drone

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