The Communion Nazi

Dear Nancy Pelosi:

No communion wafer and wine!

The archbishop has spoken

Your soul is too broken

Your union with the savior, “Declined!”

To that tall-hatted dude out in Frisco

The one chanting “El Cuerpo de Christo”

I’ll pass on your wafer, to make women safer

Then dance in the street, like a disco

Condemning our views on abortion

Withholding God’s grace as extortion!!??

Your tactics aren’t bold

They’re petty and cold

We’ll not bend to suit your contortion

To the Church that treats women like cattle

For the lines that you’ve drawn for this battle

It’s a badge (not a snub)

to be tossed from your club

We will march on New York and Seattle

To the congregation

of the pedophile protector

I’m a cool conscientious objector

I’ll pass on the cracker

and fight the attacker

To the church

You can call me defector