Dog Day Afternoon

It feels like the fabric that holds our society together gets more and more threadbare by the day.

Calamity fuels anxiety, and anxiety churns our ideas and emotions into a bitter black butter, clogging the arteries in our brain and preventing us from generating optimistic thoughts.

Hopelessness gathers on the horizon, settling in our collective consciousness.

War, disease, and apathy carry the day, leading humanity down a dark and twisting path, permanently away from light and hope.

But my dog doesn’t sense any of this.

My dog still greets me with smiling eyes and a wagging backside – the same way she did when life was good. She still strolls from the patio to the sun-warmed grass, shoulder-rolls onto the ground, and joyfully wiggles on her back.

Somedays, she’s the ray of light that sees me through tomorrow.


  1. Your post is so beautifully written, and it’s such a poignant reminder of the power of our furry friends to bring joy and light into our lives, even during difficult times. It’s true that the world can sometimes feel overwhelming and bleak, but the unwavering love and enthusiasm of our pets can serve as a beacon of hope and optimism. Your description of your dog’s simple pleasures and carefree spirit is truly heartwarming. Thank you for sharing this lovely post and reminding us to appreciate the small moments of happiness that our pets bring into our lives.


    1. gsrbtn says:

      Wow! Thanks for the kind words. My dog is fast asleep in her bed on the kitchen floor, snoring in the warmth of the sun. 🙂


  2. doggycrush says:

    This heartfelt reflection beautifully captures the weight of the world’s troubles and the solace found in the unwavering love of a dog. They possess a remarkable ability to bring joy and hope, even in the darkest times. Thank you to the author for reminding us of the precious moments of light that our faithful companions provide.


    1. gsrbtn says:

      Pepsi and I thank you for the kind words. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the piece!


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