Our March Towards the Gallows

Silhouettes and shadows

in slow moving pictures

we march towards the gallows

while clutching our scriptures

people will gather

to scream at the sun

starving and crimpled

blinded and stunned

bone barren creek beds

eyelids that blister

the sun blasted souls

of our brothers and sisters

drowning in browning

awash in the heat

we try to rise-up

but we’re stuck

to our seats

Empty grain silos

bellow in sorrow

yesterday’s gone

and so is tomorrow

black acid raindrops

clover in chains

red sun burnt babies

painted in pain

Deep-fried personas

both masons and millers

chewing on earwigs

and burnt caterpillars

trees beg for water

dead deer in the field

a skin-and-bone future

Earth’s fate is now sealed

Plenty of warnings

ignored by the masses

dancing in dust bowls

and blue greenhouse gasses

the sea starts to boil

the wind turns to fire

we gasp and we rasp

before we expire


  1. Jade Edge says:

    Extremely evocative. I enjoyed this piece and was hit with the sombre reality of the world we have ruined.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gsrbtn says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Jade!


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