Donny Shakes the Jar

Donny Shakes the Jar

Donny stirs the pot

Donny knows that hate and fear

are really all he’s got

Donny peddles lies

He feeds them to his friends

They eat’em up

And spit them out

The cycle never ends

Donny knows that facts

are a death knell to his game

He always tries to bury them

And set the truth aflame

Insurrectionists as martyrs

And the freedom fighter lies

“A fraudulent election!”

His fake-ass battle cry

He’s got minions on the take

And congress in his pocket

FOX to help him spin the lies

Vlad Putin in his locket

We need Guardians of democracy

To fend against attacks

From Donny and his hateful gang

Of red hat wearing hacks

When you’re forced

to use fear and hate

To bolster your position

To inspire acts of violence

and treacherous sedition

And when you do so

For vainglory and the

Insatiable lust for power

Expect a mass gathering

To knock you from your tower

Blocked and loaded


when I try to write

Nothing comes of it

Just raspy thought-schisms

That fail to take hold

They fizzle and pop

And disappear

in a wisp of blue smoke

Leaving me

With faint and fading echoes

in the empty chambers of my brain

Mornings used to be

My fruitful period

Now they’re as dry as the Sahara

Coffee used to be

a thought lubricant

Now it’s just gasoline

for a stuck and revving engine

There’s a constant buzzing

a negative counterbalance

A marshalling of malevolence

To block the words and spill the ink

I’m waiting for a clearing

A splash of light

On an open field

Of possibility

The gift of an old dog

Through slightly cataracted eyes

 A glint of happiness flashes

As I reach for the leash

That hangs from a hook

On the back of the door

Your nails

Plastic-like clicking

on the hard wood floor

less sprightly than it used to be

but still, I associate that sound with joy

and I suppose I always will

We’ve engaged in our daily routine

For nearly a decade now

the wag of your tail

a little slower

your teeth tanning with age

are rounded and smoother

from pearly whites

to tiger’s eye

they tell the tale

of you and I

The pace has slowed

(for both of us)

but you still relish the ritual

Nose to the ground

Intently sniffing clover and dirt

Thistle and weed

The base of every tree and mailbox

a puzzle of smells

as you try to solve the

mystery of the previous day’s events

I used to tug at your leash

after a minute or two

 when you were younger

And I was less patient

measuring my time

In meetings

and phone calls

Not frisbees

and thrown balls

But today I give you

all the time you desire

Because I don’t know

how many more walks

we have left in the bank

and a tug now

seems unwarranted

bordering on criminal

Sometimes the wind kicks up

And you raise your head

Towards that gift-bearing breeze

wistfully smiling

it seems to me

When we get back

you drink cool water from your bowl

Find your bed

which has been warmed

by the afternoon sun

And lie down

Tired and content

You close your eyes

then open them

and then close them again

slower and slower

eyes open, eyes shut

 until finally

 you settle into a rhythmic rest

I will miss you when you’re gone



it’s a struggle

just to keep my eyes open

I feel anxiety’s weight

Resting fixed

like a fishing lure

that’s been dropped

in the dead-center

of my thoughts


I hear the clock ticking

I feel the pages turning

Knowing that most of my days

Are in the rear view

A fast-approaching horizon

through the windshield

One eye on the road

I fumble with the radio dial

Musical snippets and static

Trying to find that perfect

Sequence of songs

Before the ride ends

That’s the goal



We’re good on paper

But don’t deliver the goods

We swallowed the hype

Got lost in the woods

Don’t love our neighbors

Mistrust them instead

They’re either a little too blue

or a little too red

So, we must disagree with

Whatever they said

 “They don’t really look

American to me”

We can’t seem to get

beyond what we see

Be it color or religion or ethnicity

We get lost in the hateful

Shit that we read

And we share all the garbage

That shows up on our feed

 and the news

that we choose

isn’t news at all

Just a place to trawl and brawl

Then scrawl on our wall

We set up our camps

are told to pick sides

It widens the gaps and deepens divides

We no longer talk with each other

We talk at each other

We’re in a constant state of agitate

arguing is now our default setting

So easily triggered and never forgetting

We don’t live and let live

or live to forgive

We’re an angry flock of bots

Always bratty, catty, and taking cheap shots

Always posting and boasting

and political roasting

 We’re walking-talking bumper stickers

We’re cheap and shallow politickers  

Our house is burning

 Our ship is sinking

we’ve got no solutions

just meme-based thinking

We’re a promise broken

A useless token

A hatred spoken

Time to Marginalize Marjorie

Space-laser promoting
Gun toting liar
Bigoted Truther
Nine-Eleven Denier
Spewer of filth
Talker of trash
Dumber than dumb
With boat-load of cash

Kevin McCarthy
He ain’t no Vin Diesel
Afraid of his base
A gutless shit-weasel
Checking with Trump
Before speaking his mind
Removing that stump
From way up his behind

Where have you gone
Once Proud GOP
Afraid of the loonies
Who support Marjorie
You run from the truth
Like a squirrel from noise
Wyoming’s Lynne Cheney
Has more balls than the boys

Time to rise-up
Put an end to the slime
Recognize a Truth as a Truth
And a Crime as a Crime

A loss of some votes
Might be the toll
But at least you can say
You’ve still got your soul

Tick tick tick tick


Can you hear the minutes

ticking off the clock?

Do you see yourself

with ball and chain

Sledge-hammering a rock?

Do you feel the noose tightening

around your flabby neck?

As you scream and yell




Has defeat’s fowl stench

finally settled in your nose?

As the ghastly pile of corpses

from COVID-19 grows

As your grip on power

starts to slip

from your puny, chubby fingers

The rot

you’ve wrought,

for the last 4 years

still festers and still lingers

Good riddance to you

You portly prick

You stain upon our nation

Just go away

and don’t come back

Your train has left the station

Bye Bye

We the people had our say (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

We dumped you on election day (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Clear your desk, be on your way (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


The way you act is a disgrace (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Can’t accept you lost the race (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

We’re tired of your orange face (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


So long orange, hello blue (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

You bit off more than you could chew (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Consider this your Waterloo (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


You’re a traitor and a louse (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

We don’t wanna to hear you grouse (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Be quiet as a fucking mouse (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


Trump, Lindsey, and Tortoise Mitch (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Drove the bus into a ditch (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Helped their buddies all get rich (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


You’re nothing but a pussy grabber (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Full of shit and constant blabber (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Your twitter feed is full of lies (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


Your Christian views are fake as fuck (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

We’re tired of the “Rudy Tuck” (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Load your shit on to the truck (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


You played the Christians like a fiddle (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

A simple folk, without a middle (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Save the fetus, cage the kids (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


Ignored the data and the science (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Said fuck the mask with great defiance (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Got RONA from your noncompliance (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


Inject the bleach and shove the light (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Don’t stop until you get it right (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

You plunged our nation into the night (Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


We got this!

Time to take our country back

Knock the Trump Train from the track

Wear a mask and get to work

Control the virus, end the jerk

Flick the fly from Pence’s head

Sweep them both into the shed

End the tweets and stop the lies

Clear the darkness from the skies

Let’s put an end to our disgrace

The divisive talk on god and race

Vote for competence, vote for peace

Fuck it, just vote for the guy

who lies the least

Create a wave that’s long and blue

Save democracy from you know who

Put an end to the Orange Schmoe

And pull that lever for BlueNami Joe!

The agent of rot

Rot has an agent –

An orange bartender

who pours lies

and half-truths

like piss

from a blender

and off they go

on a misguided bender

living off hate

with no sign

of surrender

The agent of rot

Knows who to seek

Prays on the fearful,

the dumb, and the meek

The agent of rot

Has a masters in evil

He burrows in deep

Like a sick twisted weevil

His whisper-warm breath

takes a crap in your ear

He laughs in your face

And fucks from the rear

With broken promises and

malevolent behavior

The gullible get

screwed by the

unsavory savior

More significant than rot

Is the person who serves it

Aim all of your rage

at the one who deserves it

The disdainful malevolent

essence of rot

The source of the stink

The slime on the snot

The grand wizard of


The tweeter of lies

The vindictive and petty

muncher of fries

Use your vote like a shiv

and twist it in deep

Don’t ever forgive

That fat orange creep!