Time to Marginalize Marjorie

Space-laser promoting
Gun toting liar
Bigoted Truther
Nine-Eleven Denier
Spewer of filth
Talker of trash
Dumber than dumb
With boat-load of cash

Kevin McCarthy
He ain’t no Vin Diesel
Afraid of his base
A gutless shit-weasel
Checking with Trump
Before speaking his mind
Removing that stump
From way up his behind

Where have you gone
Once Proud GOP
Afraid of the loonies
Who support Marjorie
You run from the truth
Like a squirrel from noise
Wyoming’s Lynne Cheney
Has more balls than the boys

Time to rise-up
Put an end to the slime
Recognize a Truth as a Truth
And a Crime as a Crime

A loss of some votes
Might be the toll
But at least you can say
You’ve still got your soul

Truth, lies, opportunism, and the disintegration of Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley saw an opportunity in the angry, throbbing-with-hate, wild-eyed, vein-popping crowd of Trump supporters.

He felt the energy of that crowd’s rage and understood if he could harness it, he could jettison himself to the front of the 2024 Republican presidential pack. The only thing that stood in the way of that happening was the truth.
For months leading up to the 2020 Presidential election, and every day after it, Americans were fed a constant diet of lies that the election was rigged. Those lies breathed life into the January 6th insurrection that resulted in 5 dead, including a capital police officer.

Josh Hawley knows that President Trump did not win the 2020 election. He understands that every election comes with some irregularities and that in the 2020 election, those irregularities were minor and had no impact on the outcome. President Trump got drubbed by more than 7 million votes in an election deemed by Trump’s own election security expert as the most secure election in the history of our country.

Hawley’s motives leading up to the events of January 6th were seditious. His explanation of why he voted to overturn a free and fair election is both laughable and disingenuous.

Hawley said the people of Missouri had concerns about the integrity of the election, and as their senator, he was obligated to make sure their voices were heard.

If we listened to Hawley’s words in a vacuum, they sound reasonable and almost noble. But Hawley’s obligation as a US Senator is not to blindly support the concerns of his constituency, especially when those concerns are based on false information and lies. No, his job as a Senator is to tell those people the truth, even if that truth is complicated for some of them to hear – even if that truth becomes somewhat of a hindrance to Mr. Hawley’s political aspirations.

But Hawley did not do that. Instead, he used the divisive and volatile climate to elevate his own political profile and boost his presidential aspirations. This was a test of Josh Hawley’s character, and he failed miserably – and it’s an example of why character matters in our representatives.

I’m reminded of when John McCain was confronted with a lie about President Obama and how he responded to that lie.

McCain was holding a town hall, answering questions from his supporters, when a woman took hold of the microphone and said she did not trust Senator Obama because he was an Arab. Now, this woman was not alone in her fears – she and the nation had been fed a constant diet of lies about the President’s birth origin and religious affiliation.

McCain could have used that lie to fire up his base – he could have viewed all those false stories about Obama as campaign kindling, and he could have used that moment with that woman to sew division, doubt, and fan the flames of bigotry. Doing so might have given him a boost politically. But instead, McCain took the microphone from that supporter and respectfully told her that she was wrong – that she was misinformed and that senator Obama was not an Arab, but rather a decent American, who he happened to disagree with on the issues facing America.

That moment was a test of John McCain’s character, and he passed it with flying colors. McCain was not stupid. He understood the potential benefits off manipulating the lie about President Obama. But to John McCain’s credit, he understood that correcting that lie was far more important than any political momentum to be gained from it — because lies like that, the lies that divide Americans, are dangerous to democracy.

Regarding the lie about a rigged election, Josh Hawley and President Trump did the exact opposite of what a true leader should do: confront the lie head-on and stop it in its track. Instead, Trump and Hawley consistently propagated rumors that they knew were false for opportunity’s sake.

Truth is the sticking agent in the masonry mix of democracy. Without it, the foundation of our country crumbles.

Under the Trump administration, the truth became a malleable political commodity. It was hammered, reshaped, forged in lies, and repurposed for political gain.

Every administration plays with the truth on occasion, spinning it to suit this or that political reality. But spinning the truth is not the same as creating your own version of it to deceive and manipulate the public and to galvanize your own political power. That’s not spin – that’s propaganda. That’s a weapon.

The desecration of truth that happened during the 4-years of the Trump administration is the strongest argument for why character matters.

A presidential candidate with a high moral character knows that manufacturing a false truth for self-gain is inherently wrong. On the other hand, a presidential candidate with low moral character sees manufactured truth as a tool, a means to an end. And when such a person gains access to power and the levers of government to wield that power, our democracy enters a dangerous and precarious situation. The culminating consequence of 4-years of manufactured truth is what we witnessed and experienced collectively on January 6th, 2021.

The Trump administration had a strategy for truth, and truthfulness was not part of it.

The Trump strategy for truth was this:

As long as we hold the reins of power, we’ll use alternate facts, cherry-pick data, and create a version of the truth that serves our political agenda and strengthens our hold on power.

We’ll weaponize our strategy by publishing our version of truth on communication platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

We’ll use these channels to magnify and reinforce the lies about voter fraud and a rigged election. And our supporters will spread these lies (knowingly or unwittingly) either way; the lies will take root.

The strategy, like Donald Trump himself, was utterly devoid of ethics.

But it worked.

For 4-years, the Trump administration designed their own version of the truth to meet a pre-defined set of facts. Then, they leveraged conspiracy theories and right-winged websites to discredit actual truth and to stand up for their own version of it. Finally, they injected their version of truth into the public square with mindful malevolence, feeding the masses lies and misinformation through every available communication channel.

Artificial Intelligence, the internet, and behavioral algorithms helped spread the lies incredibly and quickly.

Trump’s 4-year disinformation campaign and an all-out assault on truth was a mass poisoning of America’s mind by a well-oiled propaganda machine. The result? A cult-like following impervious to any information that goes counter to the narrative pushed by the President and his administration.

But unlike Jonestown or Waco, the Trump cult hasn’t succumbed to arsenic-laced Kool-Aid or fiery smoke. Instead, this mass poisoning continues to propagate, grow, and metastasize. And now, America is riddled with a cancerous, malformed notion of truth.

The biggest threat to our nation and our democracy is the continued bastardization of truth and the potential for that strategy to become a framework or playbook for the next power-hungry demagogue.

What if . . .

What if on election eve 2016, after all the networks and news outlets declared Donald Trump the winner of the Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton takes to a podium and in front of a large crowd of supporters says that the election was rigged. That there was rampant voter fraud, and in actuality, she won not only the popular vote, but the electoral college as well. She goes on to say that Americans are going to lose their country if Donald Trump is allowed to steal this election and that Americans must fight with all their energy to “Stop the Steal!”

For more than 40 days after the election, Hillary Clinton still refuses to concede and she takes her claims of a rigged election and massive voter fraud to the courts. She goes on TV nightly, takes to twitter nearly every single day, pushing her case that the election was rigged, that she actually won, that the Donald Trump will ruin America.

She files more than 60 lawsuits claiming voter fraud and voting machine irregularities — all 60 lawsuits are defeated resoundingly, some are argued all the way to the Supreme Court, where all 9 justices disagree with her legal team’s claim.

But Hillary is not deterred. She continues to hammer into her supporters that they are being conned, that the election is being stolen right in front of their eyes, that this is the biggest fraud in the history of our country and that they cannot allow it to happen.

The states certify the results of the election and now all that remains to officially seal the deal for a Trump presidency is for congress to certify the electors. Traditionally, this is a perfunctory process — a counting of the electors that takes the members of Congress about 30 minutes.

But Hillary still has her staunch supporters in Congress who are promising to contest the certification process on January 6th in an effort to overturn the election.

Meanwhile, through social media, Clinton supporters have been planning a massive rally outside the Capital to protest the certification process and to Stop the Steal. Thousands of people show up on January 6th, carrying Clinton Flags, many donned in military garb, all of them shouting “Stop the Steal, Stop the Steal, Stop the Steal!”

Hillary has set up a stage, a PA system, and a podium. She steps up to the stage with her close friend Barack Obama and they launch into a speech, claiming over and over again that the election was stolen, that Trump will ruin America, that they must fight for the country, that they must march to the capital and stop this assault on democracy!

The crowd heads to the Capital building, full of rage and anger, and they launch an assault on the building, beating law enforcement with Clinton flags and American flags, looting offices, destroying property, breaching the chambers of the house in an effort to take Trump supporters hostage, they murder a police officer in the process.

Hillary and Barack Obama are seen on video watching the assault approvingly, the President fails to call in the National Guard, fails to try and quell the uprising. Help finally arrives at the behest of congressional members and the VP, all of whom were hiding in fear from the mob.

Congress goes back to work later that evening to complete the process of certifying the vote in the final step of a constitutional process for “peacefully” transitioning power to a new President. Even though several representatives who are staunch Clinton supporters refuse to vote for the certification, most do, and the election results are finally official, Donald Trump will be President.

Meanwhile, Hillary still claims the election was rigged, she praises the people who participated in the uprising, telling them how wonderful they are and that she loves them.


How would Trump supporters have reacted?

I contend that even if Hillary Clinton had decided to go down that crazy path, that after all 60 lawsuits were thrown out, her supporters would have said that was enough for them.

She would not have been able to whip her supporters into a frenzy with blatant lies and conspiracy theories — because most of her supporters don’t believe in the unbelievable — most would have looked at the information and data themselves and would have come to the conclusion that she did in fact lose the election and that that Donald Trump was indeed the winner.

Unfortunately, Trump supporters believe whatever Trump tells them. They refuse to think for themselves. They are part of a cult of personality, where whatever the leader says is true, even when what he says is clearly contradicted by the facts. And we will be dealing with that dangerous phenomena for decades to come.

Don on the porch

After some deep thought and scribbling notes on a napkin about ways to improve community spirit, you design a flyer, head to the local Kinkos, and launch “Susan’s Front Porch – Community Story Night.”

At first, it’s just a few families that attend. They lay their blankets on your front yard, bring picnic baskets, pop open a bottle of wine, and listen to individuals from your neighborhood, each taking turns telling stories on your front porch.

Word spreads in a small town, and soon you have 40 to 50 families every Tuesday night gathering in your front yard, listening to individuals from all over your community as they take to your porch, one at a time, to share stories anecdotes, and jokes.

You’re thrilled to be able to provide a venue for your friends and neighbors. So you start baking and selling honey biscuits from a concession stand that your son built with his two cousins.

Pretty soon, “Susan’s Front Porch” is the place to be! You open your yard and porch to the community 3-times a week. Your honey biscuits are flying out of the concession stand faster than frisbees in a tornado – Life is good!

One day, a new guy (let’s call him Don) comes to your event. He takes to the stage and launches into a boisterous, funny, off-color rant. He’s pretty charismatic, a bit politically incorrect, but a big hit with a segment of the audience.

Before you know it, Don becomes a regular on your porch. People from outside your small-town travel hundreds of miles to catch him telling stories and cracking jokes.

One day, Don takes to your porch and starts bemoaning about a new restaurant that opened a few weeks ago in your town.

“Where do these Greeks get off opening a restaurant in the good ole USA?” he snarls.

“Not enough opportunity in Greece, they have to come to our town and put Americans out of work?? That’s what’s wrong with this country today – too many Greeks, not enough real Americans!!”

A peal of nervous and hushed laughter hangs over the blankets on your sun-splashed lawn.

Then someone in the back shouts, “Yeah, what’s up with the Greeks???” And before long, others are joining in, yelling profanities about the Greeks and their restaurant.

But here’s the thing, you know the Greek family who opened that restaurant. They go to your church. They’re new to the restaurant business but have lived in your town for many years and are well-loved members of the community.

After Don finishes his set, you approach him.

 “That was pretty funny, but I know the family who runs that restaurant, and they’re wonderful people, hard-working Christians as a mater of fact. And actually, the husband and wife are both naturalized citizens, so your story was not only a little offensive but false.”

Don says nothing at first, just aims an icy stare in your direction before stating matter of factly:

“I thought Susan’s Porch was part of the USA? – You know, the free speech capital of the world?”

Nervously, you say, “Well, yes, it is, but I don’t want to make people fearful or uncomfortable.” 

In an off-handed way, Don says, “Sure, I get it Sue, have a good night.”

The following week, Don gets on stage and starts telling how that new Greek restaurant is a front for a child sex-trafficking ring and drugs. He heard that from a very reliable source. The folks on your front lawn start looking around at each other in disbelief (Could this be true??).

Then, again, from in the back:

 “Yeah, I heard that as well!”

Before you know it, 50 to 75 people are yelling and screaming about the Greek family – and how they can’t do that in our community!!

Several of the more agitated men jump in their trucks and head downtown.

They burst into the restaurant and killed the owner. Shooting him in the face as his son looked on in horror.

So, do you ban Don from telling stories on your front porch – or do you let him continue next week when he plans to rant and rave about the new Chinese restaurant?

Tick tick tick tick


Can you hear the minutes

ticking off the clock?

Do you see yourself

with ball and chain

Sledge-hammering a rock?

Do you feel the noose tightening

around your flabby neck?

As you scream and yell




Has defeat’s fowl stench

finally settled in your nose?

As the ghastly pile of corpses

from COVID-19 grows

As your grip on power

starts to slip

from your puny, chubby fingers

The rot

you’ve wrought,

for the last 4 years

still festers and still lingers

Good riddance to you

You portly prick

You stain upon our nation

Just go away

and don’t come back

Your train has left the station

Moving forward and against Trump and Trumpism

Street sign illustrating the concept of Democracy versus Dictatorship.

As the Trump administration enters its death throes, look for supporters on social media to shift their attention to Hunter Biden or any other story that distracts from the retelling of Trump’s horrifically negligent handling of the pandemic, and his criminal activity (both as a candidate and as president).

I’ve gone back and forth on how I think the state should move forward on citizen Trump. Part of me wants the government to cut a deal with Trump — Forgo prosecution if Trump agrees to retire quietly to the dustbin of American history. America turns the page, and Trump slinks away. “It’s time to put this shameful chapter behind us and move on”.

A continued focus on Trump through criminal and civil prosecutions just fans the flames of political tribalism and deepens the divide in our country. But a deal works only if Trump is capable of quietly walking away – is Trump capable of doing anything quietly? I don’t think so.

The other part of me wants to crush the orange menace unmercifully in the juicer of the American Justice System. Squeeze that motherfucker until there’s nothing left in that sorry orange hide of his. Prosecute him aggressively and relentlessly on all fronts criminal and civil. Make an example of him, because the next fraudulent criminal thug with autocratic tendencies might not be as inept and incompetent as Trump.

Regardless how the justice system proceeds against Trump personally, America must go full medieval on any organized effort to promote Trumpism in the future. Trumpism is the enemy of Democracy. It’s a poisonous and divisive political philosophy that ferments mistrust, fragments the population, and promotes a cult of personality (dipped in nationalism, sprinkled with religion) as a solution.

Trumpism is the blueprint for democracy’s demise – regardless of who sits at its head. When Trump leaves, another ambitious thug is sure to pick up the banner. Waging war against Trumpism is the only way forward.

Our national conundrum

I remember my kids watching a Trump speech early-on in his run up to the presidency, and the expression on their faces as they listened to him.

In Trump, they saw all of the behaviors and attributes they were taught to fight against. He was awash in them — he was a brazen an unabashed example of what they were taught not to be — he was the embodiment of the worst human attributes and characteristics (mean, petty, vindictive, and intellectually lazy) and surprisingly, there was no attempt by Trump to obscure any of this, no subterfuge – he reveled in these negative attributes like a hog in the slop.

I remember my kids watching Trump on television, then looking over their shoulder at me with a confused expression, bracketed by nervous laughter. An expression that occurs when realizing somethings not quite right at an elemental level — an expression that bubbles up from your core when what you’re seeing doesn’t jibe with what you were taught. It was an expression that said “Is this guy for real? This can’t be real, right dad?”

“Right dad?”

And I think that’s why I detest Trump so much. Because his ascension to highest office in the land was a refutation of the values that I so strongly believed in and that I so vigorously instilled in my kids. Values like kindness, empathy, understanding, hard work, and strength of character.

After the 2016 presidential election, I had to come to terms with the fact that the person elected to the highest office in the land — the person representing America to the rest of the world, was unkind, apathetic, and totally dishonest.

For nearly four years, I had to deal with a buzzing dissonance deep inside the frontal and limbic lobes of my brain. Not only could I not make sense of a Trump presidency, but its very existence agitated the shit out of me (as evidenced by my social media posts over the last 4 years).

If I take a step back, my anger at Trump is misdirected. Sure, Trump is an intellectually lazy and vindictive narcissist. But he’s never tried to hide that from anyone, he’s totally transparent, never tries to be something he’s not, which normally is an admirable trait, if you’re not a raging asshole.

If I were on a psychiatrist’s couch, it would be a relatively short session to get to the true source of my anger.

“Mr. Reilly, you’re not angry at Trump at all, you’re angry that so many of your fellow citizens voted for him – TWICE!”

And, that would be an accurate diagnosis.

Which brings me to some questions:

Doesn’t every good parent teach their kids the basic values that I taught mine (work hard — be respectful — be honest — be a good sport – admit your mistakes — don’t bully — don’t brag)? And if they do, how do they square that with voting for a person who exemplifies the opposite of those values?

I have a theory.

My theory does not take into account the people who support Trump because they’re drawn to the President’s bigoted views and white supremist tendencies (fuck all of those people), in my view, these are not the majority of Trump supporters.

I’m pretty sure that the Trump supporters who I’m friends with, know the President is a deeply flawed and selfish man.

If they were to walk into a bar and see some schmuck spouting disparaging remarks about women or a handicapped person – or, if they saw an individual bragging about his intelligence and then, in the very next minute, demonstrating his ignorance, they’d think that person was a moron.

And yet, they turn a blind eye to the same behavior when it’s the president.


Because for some Americans, Trump’s flaws are insignificant and easily dismissed when balanced against the views they hold on abortion and religion.

For other Americans (though I suspect there’s a lot of cross-over with the first group) they believe in a wildly-weird conspiracy theory that pits President Trump against a cabal of global elites who are trafficking in human flesh. Like the first group, these folks are willing to dismiss the President’s intellectual ineptitude and moral decrepitude, because the alternative is a country being run by cannibalistic vampire sex traffickers.

These two groups (the religiously-fueled and the conspiracy-driven) are tightly spooning bedfellows when it comes to their support for the President. For both groups, the president’s casual relationship with truth and facts matter less than what they see as the alternative.

I’m still working on how we overcome this phenomenon.

A Terrible Price

The battle against COVID-19 required competent and steady leadership. To stop the spread of the disease, we needed our President to be honest, smart, and humble.

Honest, because we needed to trust him. We needed to know that what he was telling us about the disease was factual and true, so that we could make well-informed decisions to keep ourselves and our family safe.

Smart, because infections disease epidemiology is complicated and heady stuff. We needed a president who could read briefings and synthesize and extrapolate the relevant data. We needed a President who could sit down with scientists and listen to what they were telling him and effectively make sense of it, so that he could communicate what he learned to the public clearly and concisely. Being able to do this would result in public confidence.

Humble, because COVID-19 was an unknown and ruthless disease. What we learned early-on was subject to change as new data became available. We needed a president who was humble enough to admit the challenge would be extremely difficult and would require Americans to work together in a coordinated and unified manner.

We needed honesty, intelligence, and humility from our President, and he was glaringly 0 for 3.

COVID-19 has killed more than a quarter million Americans. Tens of thousands of those deaths can be blamed on the incompetency of our President. It has wrecked our economy, devastated small businesses, and crippled families. It also shined a light on an immoral and criminally incompetent leader, and in all likelihood, ended the Trump presidency. In a weird twist-of-fate, if not for the virus and incompetent leadership that ensued, we might have lost our democracy.

What a devastating price to pay for electing a conman and reality TV celebrity to the Presidency. I hope we learned a lesson as a nation – that cheap populism makes for a dangerously shaky and ineffectual national platform, and that honesty, intelligence, and humility matter in a President.

Bye Bye Motherfucker

We the people had our say

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

We dumped you on election day

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Clear your desk, be on your way

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


The way you act is a disgrace

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Can’t accept you lost the race

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

We’re tired of your orange face

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


So long orange, hello blue

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

You bit off more than you could chew

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Let this be your Waterloo

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


You’re a traitor and a louse

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

We don’t wanna to hear you grouse

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Be quiet as a fucking mouse

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


Trump, Lindsey, and Tortoise Mitch

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Drove the bus into a ditch

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Helped their buddies all get rich

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


You’re nothing but a pussy grabber

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Full of shit and constant blabber

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Your twitter feed is full of lies

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


Your Christian views are fake as fuck

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

We’re tired of the “Rudy Tuck”

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Load your shit on to the truck

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


You played the Christians like a fiddle

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

A simple folk, without a middle

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Save the fetus, cage the kids

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


Ignored the data and the science

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Said fuck the mask with great defiance

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Got RONA from your noncompliance

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


Inject the bleach insert the light

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

Don’t stop until you get it right

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)

You plunged our nation into the night

(Bye-Bye Motherfucker)


2020 Presidential Election Postmortem

Republicans gerrymandered districts, closed polling places, and appointed a crooked pro-Trump Postmaster General, who, in the middle of a pandemic, ripped sorting machines out of postal facilities and removed drop-boxes to hinder the ability to handle an increase in mail-in ballots. And after all of that politically-motivated and strategic malevolence, Trump still got his ass handed to him in a big blue box, beautifully adorned with 306 electoral bows, in what the Department of Homeland Security called the most secure Presidential election in history.

And ever since that stinging rebuke of America’s one-term orange menace, we’ve had to listen to republicans’ bitch and moan (without evidence) about voter fraud — 0 for 13 in lawsuits at the time of this writing – laughed out of courtrooms across battleground states.

We watched in bemusement at the more than eleven thousand pathetically lost souls at the “Million MAGA March” with their “Stop the Steal” signs, and thought to ourselves how easy it is in America to sway the masses. All you need is a website, a lie, and a human desire to be part of something “big and just” and its down the wallpapered-with-Q-conspiracy-theory-rabbit-hole they go, screaming and yelling like snowflakes on steroids, like zombies on crack, like lemmings on Led Zeppelin.

Shut the fuck up already. You lost. Despite all the slimy underhanded efforts to suppress the vote and misinform citizens, YOU STILL FUCKING LOST.

Instead of bitching and moaning without merit, start thinking about putting up a better candidate in 2024, and while your at it, you might want to consider the fact that America is changing. We’re becoming more diverse, less religious, and more concerned about our planet – deal with that by backing candidates who will hustle for new voters, who will reach out to the people who live and work in their state and look to genuinely understand their needs and concerns.

And for the love of Mike, don’t blindly back a shallow and vacuous megalomaniac like Trump, who for 4 years padded the wallets of rich people, lowered the tax burden for multi-billion dollar corporations, ratcheted up fear, racism, and xenophobia, tried really really hard to limit access to healthcare, rolled back environmental regulations, diminished the integrity of the Presidency by lying at an astronomical rate, withheld lifesaving information about the dangers of COVID-19, tongue-kissed authoritarians across the globe, and wrecked America’s reputation around the world.

If you can’t elect a candidate better than Trump next time around, you deserve to lose again. Biggly.

And quit being that single-issue-ban-the-fetal-tissue-voter, because all that does is make you a target for manipulative vote-grubbing slugs like Trump, who, let’s be honest, would mandate abortion if it meant overturning the 2020 election results. If you want to reduce the number of abortions in America, let’s start with improved health education, reinforced by frank and honest discussions with children about sex, sexuality, and the importance of acting responsibly, and combine that with easy access to birth control. Then, implement these measures nationally, so  everyone gets the same message at the same age, regardless of their background or where they live – that would do more to reduce abortions than 9 Amy Coney Barrets.

And finally, can we please get back to the core human values that actually have made America great – kindness, empathy, honesty, and integrity and get off the dangerous, religiously-fueled-patriarchal-cult-of-personality path we’ve been on for the last 4 years, because that shit is rotting this country from the inside out.